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(0FGL)  Fermi/LAT bright gamma-ray source list (0FGL) (Abdo+, 2009)  (J/ApJS/183/46)
(10C)  10C survey of radio sources at 15.7GHz (Davies+, 2011)  (J/MNRAS/415/2708)
(1/4Jy)  The Parkes quarter-Jansky flat-spectrum sample (Jackson+, 2002)  (J/A+A/386/97)
(15R)  Star formation in spectroscopic survey (Carter+, 2001)  (J/ApJ/559/606)
(16V)  Counts and spectral indices at 8.44GHz (Windhorst+, 1993)  (J/ApJ/405/498)
(17V)  Counts and spectral indices at 8.44GHz (Windhorst+, 1993)  (J/ApJ/405/498)
(18P)  Radio continuum in Cygnus X region (Wendker+ 1991)  (J/A+A/241/551)
(19P)  Radio continuum in Cygnus X region (Wendker+ 1991)  (J/A+A/241/551)
(1ACSburst)  First INTEGRAL SPI-ACS Gamma-Ray Burst Catalogue (Rau+, 2005)  (J/A+A/438/1175)
(1AGL)  First AGILE catalog of gamma-ray sources (Pittori+, 2009)  (J/A+A/506/1563)
(1AGLR)  AGILE bright gamma-ray sources updated list (Verrecchia+, 2013)  (J/A+A/558/A137)
(1AXG)  GIS catalog project : source catalog (Ueda+, 2001)  (J/ApJS/133/1)
(1AXG)  ASCA AGN optical identifications (Akiyama+, 2003)  (J/ApJS/148/275)
(1AXG)  GIS catalog project : source catalog II (Ueda+, 2005)  (J/ApJS/161/185)
(1BMW)  BMW-Chandra source catalog (Romano+, 2008)  (J/A+A/488/1221)
(1FAV)  Fermi-LAT flaring gamma-ray sources from FAVA (Ackermann+, 2013)  (J/ApJ/771/57)
(1FGL)  First Fermi-LAT AGN catalog (1LAC) (Abdo+, 2010)  (J/ApJ/715/429)
(1FGL)  The Fermi-AT20G catalog (Mahony+, 2010)  (J/ApJ/718/587)
(1FGL)  Fermi-LAT first source catalog (1FGL) (Abdo+, 2010)  (J/ApJS/188/405)
(1FHL)  The first Fermi-LAT >10GeV catalog (1FHL) (Ackermann+, 2013)  (J/ApJS/209/34)
(1HERMES)  Spectroscopy of Herschel-SPIRE galaxies (Casey+, 2012)  (J/ApJ/761/140)
(1H)  The HEAO A-1 X-Ray Source Catalog (Wood+, 1984)  (VII/80)
(1Jy)  Bright Extragalactic Radio Sources (1Jy) (Kuehr+, 1981)  (VIII/5)
(1LAC)  First Fermi-LAT AGN catalog (1LAC) (Abdo+, 2010)  (J/ApJ/715/429)
(1Ms)  Chandra Deep Field North Survey. V. (Brandt+, 2001)  (J/AJ/122/2810)
(1PBC)  Palermo Swift-BAT Hard X-ray Catalogue (Cusumano+, 2010)  (J/A+A/510/A48)
(1PSZ)  Planck Catalog of Compact Sources Release 1 (Planck, 2013)  (VIII/91)